Monday, March 7, 2022

Bikers For Christ Member Headed to Ukraine

LaGrange, IN (March 7, 2022) - As war rages on in Ukraine, there’s been a shortage of medical personnel and medical supplies. Bikers For Christ Indiana and Eleos Ministries are on their way to Ukraine to provide relief in the form of special trauma pads made for instant use to stop bleeding. This life saving medical pad can stop the bleeding of serious injuries in 3 minutes or less, time that is precious in a warzone where medical personnel aren’t around.

Karl Shifflett of Bikers For Christ Indiana, a former US Marine, and Pastor Kurt Erickson of Eleos Ministries are leading the valiant effort to get the Celox Gauze pads into the hands of as many Ukrainian civilians and military fighters as possible.

Both will be physically in Poland and Ukraine, running the medical supplies directly to the fighting forces and civilians. Karl will be in Ukraine, at the heart of the conflict, while Kurt Erickson will be going between both Poland and Ukraine respectively for resupply. This effort is not a backseat operation, but a full frontline one. Karl will arrive in Ukraine on March 17th and the first area he will be going to is Zhytomyr to hand deliver these medical pads.

All donations will be going directly for this cause. Other organizations behind the effort are also Mission to Ukraine and Spirit Led Ministries. If you wish to donate, please donate through Spirit Led Ministries. All donations (tax deductible) will be processed and tax receipts will be issued by them. Please also specify that the donations are for “Stop The Bleeding.”

If you wish to donate please visit: BikersForChrist-StopTheBleeding 

More information about the Celox pads on the video below